By Katerina and Saviya

31 January 2005

Presented by Mahalia, Gettin Hip with Tribal's festivities opened at the Marryllin McDowell Studio of Dance in Long Beach on Sunday morning, January 30th.  Robin of the Urban Underground taught a wonderfully informative workshop on "Pops and Locks."  Then Mahalia taught a fun workshop on "Tribal Style Elements."  Later that night, the room full of smiling student faces met at the Coffee Haven in Long Beach amidst a record crowd for the Sunday Shimmy Showcase hosted by Elemental Tribal Dance Company with their guest hostess Mahalia.


     The intimate venue that is Coffee Haven has always been a comfortable, supportive environment for student and professional dancers alike. 
January 30th 2005 was no different even though the room was busting at the seams with sixty-five guests, nineteen dancers, two musicians, one Coffee Haven employee and a partridge in a pear tree.  Throughout the evening Mahalia and Katerina shared the mic.  Their abundant show of friendship, mutual respect and caring permeated the room, making everyone feel happy and excited to be a part of the event, and things went off without a hitch.

     Politti took the dance floor first, bringing with her all of the sophistication and skill she bears.  Sundara Varna was a fresh treat, having traveled so far to join the showcase.  Their isolations and undulations were particularly impressive.  Katerina’s controlled sensuality blended well with her show of flexibility and athleticism.  Velvet Gypsy was sharp, modern and elegant in both movement and style.  Devadasi was the most fun anyone has had in ages, and they left the entire room in stitches.  Between shows, musicians of Solikk played lively music.  Everyone in the room got up to dance and laugh.  Subee Djinn was dynamic yet again, using the intimate space to their advantage.  It was like having a controlled tornado visit your living room.  Urban Underground made everyone really focus on movement with their challenging vocabulary.  Robin rounded out the evening, touching us all with her sparkling vitality and vivaciousness.



     The performers were no less than utterly amazing, evoking vast appreciation from the audience with distinction in personality and style despite the commonality that binds Tribal style dancers to each other.  At any given moment performers would saturate the room with intense solemnity or abrupt comedy, patent sexuality or girlish flirtatiousness, each one of them steeped in confidence, poise and grace.  Everyone in the room felt the pervasive camaraderie, the generosity of spirit and sincere heart the performers poured into their pieces and shared with each other on the floor.



     The Showcase Coordinators: Katerina, Alexiis and Saviya, and the Coffee Haven staff invite you to come out to Long Beach for some fun, whether you are a dancer or musician, or simply a lover of both.  The show is free, the sweets sumptuous and the atmosphere supportive – suitable for all skill levels and ages, first time performers and veteran professionals alike, soloists and troupes.  Coffee Haven is located at 1708 E. Broadway in Long Beach (ph: 562-437-3785).  The first of two shows begins at 7:00 pm.  Visit for a calendar of performances and additional information.  Email if you wish to sign up to dance or to be added to the showcase mailing list.