By Katerina

December 2004



     Providing two years of quality entertainment, the Sunday Shimmy Showcase in Long Beach is no stranger to exotic presentations.  On December 12, Alexiis’ Winter Wonderland celebration was no exception with festive performances by Abraiha, Kathryne, Meryem Vani, Sina, Sylvia and Kashmir accompanied by Donavon on dumbek.  Michael, Sean and Kimberly of Dark Tower provided sound support as they do nearly every week.



     Dancing by candlelight to holiday music, each performer put a personal spin on the winter wonderland theme, lulling the audience at times, exciting them, nipping at them with frostiness and warming them with cheer.  Alexiis opened in a red velvet coat with lighted head piece, and as music from the Nutcracker filled the room, she handed out goodies.  Dressed as a belly dancing Santa, Kathryne played to the many children in the audience.  Abraiha dazzled in rich red and showed off her veil work.  Meryem Vani and her mudras enticed in deep green.  Sylvia was an alluring Drummer Boy, and her daughter kept the beat as she danced.  Sina became an ice queen, with piles of snow at her feet and stars lighting her headdress.  Kashmir floated atop hues of white and glacial blue as Donavon played meticulous rhythms for her.

     The Showcase Coordinators: Katerina, Alexiis and Saviya, and the Coffee Haven staff invite you to come out to Long Beach for some fun, whether you are a dancer or musician, or simply a lover of both.  The show is free, the sweets sumptuous and the atmosphere supportive – suitable for all skill levels and ages, first time performers and veteran professionals alike, soloists and troupes.  Coffee Haven is located at 1708 E. Broadway in Long Beach (ph: 562-437).  The first of two shows begins at 7:00 pm.  Visit for a calendar of performances and additional information.  Email if you wish to sign up to dance or to be added to the showcase mailing list.